The posts in this blog, in chrono order! ; )

Week minus-9: World Without Oil?

Week minus-2: The Alternate Reality

Week minus-1: The Oil Shock: Almost Here

Week 2: ‘Day of Reckoning’

Week 8: Shortages Begin 

Week 10: Games To Dispel The Gathering Gloom 

Week 13: Getting Into The Game 

Week 14: Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It 

Week 16: “We Are Out Of Everything”

Week 21: Feeding The Body, Feeding The Soul

Week 24: “We Are The New Homeless” 

Week 26: It’s The Economy, Stupid 

Week 32: It Takes A Village

Post-Game: Stepping Into A World Without Oil 

You can use this page to view the posts in chrono order.

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